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Electronic Voting Now Available

Electronic voting for Regional Council Representatives is now open using Survey Monkey via the following link. Please log onto the survey and complete the voting process. The winners will be announced at the General Membership meeting at the 2019 Western Regionals at Laku Landing.




West Region Award of Merit Nominations

As we embark upon yet another ski season, le t me remind you that as a region we seek worthy nominees for our distinguished Western Regional Award of Merit. This award seeks to recognize a deserving person who might otherwise go unnoticed for their friendship, dedication, and integrity as they serve in our skiing community. If you have someone that you think should be nominated for this honor, please submit their name and reason for consideration to you counsel person or to Larry Laughlin ( before the end of June 2019.

Larry Laughlin for Western Region Awards Committee

2019 AWSA Rules Update

Ryan Nason and Richelle Muhlitner, West Region Rules Committee representatives have been busy at work this year. They have worked with the entire Rules Committee to make changes to the rule book and have published the latest rules and a summary of rule changes as approved by the Board of Directors. Take a moment to thank Ryan and Richelle next time you get a chance for the hours of dedication it takes to stay on top of the rules and changes both within the USA and on the International level.  AWSARulesChangesSummary;  AWSARuleBook

2019 Western Regionals at Laku Landing

The Western Regional Council has accepted the bid for the 2019 Western Regional Tournament to Laku Landing in Windsor Colorado. The event will be held July 24th thru 27th, 2019.  The 2019  Goode Waterski AWSA Nationals will be held at The Ski Club of the Palm Beaches, West Palm Beach, Florida on August 6th thru 10, 2019.

Regional Trounament Winners submit photos

To have your photo included in the 2019 Western Regional Guide all Western Region Tournament event winners should submit a personal photo to the Regional Guide Committee Guide Chair, Ty Vaio. Deadline to submission of photos is December 1, 2018, see the current guide for email address for Ty on page W-35.

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