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Congratulations to our 2017 Western Region Award Winners!!

The Western Region Merit Award winners are Will and Elaine Bush

The Western Regional Tournament Outstanding Official winner is Judy Stanford

Will and Elaine were not at the presentation but we were able to Facebook the video and sent it to them right after the dinner and council meeting. Judy received her award at the Officials Dinner on Saturday night. These two/three recipients are very deserving and we thank them for their dedication to our sport.

Richelle Muhlitner and Larry Laughlin

General Membership Meeting Tuesday July 25th

The Western Region General Membership meeting will be held on Tuesday July 25th following the completion of skiing. Please join your council members on at the Harrison’s front lawn. Meeting minutes from last years general membership meeting will be available from Owen Letcher on site for review.

Voting open for Regional Council Members

Have you filled out your ballot yet for your area council member? Online voting is now open.

Congratulations to Junior Skiers selected to Can Am Teams

Congratulations to Blaze Grubbs (B2), Rio Linda, CA and Garrett Reese (B3) Walnut Creek, CA, for being selected to the Can Am Under 14 team. The 9th Can Am Challenge will take place on August 26-27th at the Lake of Dreams in Jerseyville, Illinois. The event features athletes from the United States and Canada competing for team titles only. We wish our Western Region Skiers the best of luck in the competition and congratulations to their parents for all the hard work and effort to reach this level of skiing.

AWSA 3-2-1 Kampaign

We are asking each member to contribute to at least 1 step of the 3-2-1Kampaign.  If you do, our sport and its future will be in better shape than it was yesterday. With your support and promotion, we can brand the 3-2-1Kampaign and have it go viral nationwide until we succeed in accomplishing all three steps (6000k!!!!).

What is the 3-2-1Kampaign?

Step 1: 3k….Bring in 3,000 new AWSA members. #getamemberchallenge

Step 2: 2k….Teach 2,000 people how to ski for the first time. #imawaterskier

Step 3: 1k….Get 1,000 skiers to their first AWSA event. #tryitloveitliveit

The main idea behind the 3-2-1Kampaign is that the customers who fit into any of the 3 categories are already out there. With a little help, your help, simply asking, welcoming and encouraging, these customers can be turned into AWSA members, skiers and competitors.  We are going to use the 3 hashtags above, 1 for each step. So any member that achieves one of the steps should take a picture and use these hashtags or tag @awsa3event on or @amwaterskiassn on or send pics/vids to and they will be posted.

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