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Volunteer Officials Needed for Regionals and Nationals

Volunteer Officials are needed for the Western Regionals and the Nationals in 2017. If you are interested please notify Tom Nathan or your Council Representative to be considered for appointment at the West Region Winter Meeting. Officials should be Regular or Senior Judges, Drivers, Scorers, Safety and Technical Controllers holding either two or three event ratings. The Western Regionals will be at Wetset Village in Newberry Springs, CA on July 24th through 29th. The Nationals will be know soon, but is anticipated to be the second or third week of August.

Junior Water Ski World Championships Team Selected

2016 U.S. Junior Water Ski Team Selected to compete in Junior Water Ski World Championships in San Bernardo Chile, January 5-8, 2017. Athletes from the Western Region repressing the United States include Ryan Canepa (Elk Grove, CA). Congratulations to Ryan and his entire family for being selected to compete in this prestigious competition.

Also representing the West Region will be Mark Roske (Pleasant Grove, CA) as a Driver for the competition.

Congratulations to West Region Skiers at 2016 Pan American Water Ski Championships

US Under 13 Water Ski Team member Blaze Grubbs earned¬†bronze medals in boys’ slalom (2 1/2 buoys at 32 feet off, jumping (112 feet) and overall (1,861.7 points) and was a member of the Gold Medal winning team.

US Under 17 Water Ski Team member Ryan Canepa earned bronze medals in boys’ trick (6,290 points) and overall (2,393.4 points) and was a member of the Bronx Medal winning team.

Congratulations these junior skiers who have represented the US and West Region on the International stage.

AWSA Seeks Bid for 2018 Nationals

AWSA is currently seeking bids for the 2018 AWSA Nationals. If you have at least 2 lakes and would like to host this prestigious event please contact AWSA President Jeff Surdej at for more information. New and interesting formats are welcome and encouraged. Bids will be due December 31st, 2016 in time for the AWSA Regional and National Board meetings. Bids for 2017 Nationals close December 1st as AWSA hopes to announce the location of the event by the end of the year.

IAC Committee looking for Judge for Can Am Challenge

Brandy Nagle of the International Activities Committee is looking for a Senior three event judge for the Can Am Challeng to be held August 19-21 outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. To volunteer or for further information contact Brandy at

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