September 8, 2014


TO:        AWSA Judges


A request was issued to AWSA Technical Committee Co-Chair Jerry Jackson from IWWF Tournament Council Chair Bob Corson to investigate ramp modifications/designs using a formed lip/curve to enhance skier performances.


Per AWSA Rule 1.12 and 9.16(5), all jump surfaces are to be FLAT. Any jumps built or modified with a design lip or curve surface with the intent to enhance skier performances must be restored back to a flat surface prior to the site’s next tournament.


The tolerance deviation of 2.5cm (1”) for Class E, L & R tournaments is only for human error in measuring and construction; NOT to be used in design and construction to enhance skier performance.


When checking for jump ramp surface deviation, the upper section of the jump surface (approximately the upper 5 ft) needs to be specifically inspected by the TC or Chief Judge to ensure that it does not have a design lip. It is the responsibility of the Chief TC for record tournaments or Chief Judge for Class C tournaments to verify that the ramp surface is in accordance with rule 9.16(5) and rule 1.12 as written below. This can be verified by pulling a string across the surface from the bottom to top corners diagonally (left to right and right to left) and straight from the bottom to the top (or vice versa) in the middle of the ramp (7 ft from either side edge) and at 1/3 width from each edge if still questionable (i.e. roughly 3.5 ft). If the lip or curve is in the upper section, even if it is 2.5 cm or less, the Chief TC or Chief Judge is to evaluate to determine if the lip is designed to enhance skier performance or just a normal deviation in the structure. If it is believed to be a lip designed to enhance skier performance, it shall be restored to a flat surface prior to the event.


Document verification: The CTC/CJ are to document the maximum deviation results and the location of the deviation on the TC report (comment section) for record tournaments and on the CJ report (comment section) for class C tournaments.   This will provide data for all existing jumps used in tournaments.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AWSA Technical Committee Chairs Jerry Jackson or Peter Dahl or AWSA President Bob Mayhew.


Relevant AWSA Rules:


1.12 Tolerances

In any activity involving the performance of an official where a tolerance is involved, it is the official’s responsibility to be as close as possible to the actual specification. All tolerances are to allow for human error and the use of tolerances by Officials to improve skier performance will not be tolerated.


9.16 (5)

Surface: The surface must be flat with a maximum deviation of 5 cm (2″) from a plane, 2.5 cm (1″) for Record Capability tournaments.