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2017 Western Regional Tournament Info

For additional information on the 2017 Western Regional Tournament and Wet Set Village please use the following link to the Wet Set Website.



Membership sign up bonus

AWSA would like to invite you to reach out to your friends, former ski partners and anyone else you know who has dropped their membership in the last 5 years. Many of them are still skiing recreationally, still have a boat or still love the sport of waterskiing but have been drawn away by other interests, injury or just got busy with something else. The supporting member qualifies for the 15% discount with Masterline on the first product purchase. So if you were going to buy a rope or handle, the $35 membership is effectively reduced to $16 with the discount at Masterline. So invite all your friends and wait for the next announcement of membership benefits coming soon.

Nominations for West Region Award of Merit

It is now the beginning of the ski season and time to start thinking about our West Region Award of Merit, formerly the Rich Slingerland Memorial Award. The nominations are due July 15th and the presentation of the award will be made at the General Membership Meeting at Wet Set during the Western Regionals on July 25th.

Every year since 1975 the Western Region has recognized a member or an official who epitomized friendship, dedication with integrity. The first award was presented at the US National tournament and is now one of the Western Regions’ most prestigious honors. This award was established and is maintained for a deserving person who might otherwise go unnoticed. All Western Region members are welcome and encouraged to submit nominations for this award to the local councilperson or to Richelle Muhlitner or Larry Laughlin before July 15th. Prior award recipients can be found in the Regional Guide.

2017 Rule Book Now Online

The updated 2017 AWSA Rule book is available online from the USAWS website. The following are some of the rule changes adopted for this year:

1.09C – 4 Rounds over 2 days

3.03 – Level 10 skiers established

10.01A – Slalom Zero Based Scoring (ZBS) for all age divisions

11.12D – Trick Front Flips allowed

15.06D1 – Slalom End Course Video

Special thanks to Richelle Muhlitner and Dave Vogt for serving as West Region Rules Committee representatives. Please check out the new rule book for a complete list of the changes for 2017. As an alternate you could attend an officials clinic in your local area or check out the online clinic modules available from USAWS Judges & Scorer Committee.

Sacramento Area Judge & Scorer Clinic – April 1st, 2017

The Sacramento Area Tournament Organization is hosting a Judge/Scorer/Technical Controller Clinic on Saturday April 1st at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center. The clinic will start at 9:00 am and cover Slalom, Jump and Trick events for all officials. No qualifications are required. An officials clinic is required every 4 years for each type of official rating you may hold. This is a great way to cover multiple ratings on a single day, and you get to spend some time with your skier friends.

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