The following is the preliminary schedule of events for the Western Regional Tournament at Laku Landing in Windsor Colorado: Updates will be included in the Regional Guide and update posted to the website (if Owen remembers to repost).


Wednesday July 25, 2018

Lake 1 – Slalom M5, M6-11; Jump W2-11: Lake 2 – Slalom W4-11, B1, B2; Trick W2-3, B2

Thursday July 26, 2018

Lake 1 – Slalom G2, G3, B3, OW, OM: Jump B2, G3, M4-11, OW, OM: Lake 2 – Slalom W2, W3; Trick OW, OM, M4-11, W4-11, B1, G2

Friday July 27, 2018

Lake 1 – Slalom G1, W1, M1, M4: Jump B3, G2, MM: Lake 2 – Trick B3, MM, G3, G1, M2, W1, M3, M1: Junior Development Banquet at 7:00 pm

Saturday July 28, 2018

Lake 1 – Slalom M3, M2, MM: Jump M1, W1, M3, M2