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Upcoming Northwest Clinics — May 21st

 Safety Clinic

May 21st, 9am at Sabrina lake, Halsey, OR.

If you are interested in going to get/maintain/upgrade your safety rating please let Shana Quick know as soon as possible.


Judges, Scorers & Drivers

Kent Fire Station #73 (The place where we have been the last couple of years.)
Saturday, May 21st   9am-2pm
26512 Military Rd. S., Kent, WA 98032
Judges, Scorers, & Drivers.   $10 fee for each one.   Signup form at clinic.
Clinic Questions  John and Lucy Goodman


Trained Driver & AWSA Driver Clinic

DATE:  5/21/2016
TIME:  Starts at 8am SHARP!  
PLACE:  No Name Lake, Molalla, OR
AWSA Driver Clinic – Merle Vasbinder, Ken Smith, Scott Thompson. 
Trained Driver Clinic – Dennis Phillips.
COST:  $10
The Trained Driver Clinic and AWSA Driver Clinic will run separately but concurrently.  If you prefer, you can complete the On-Line version of the Trained Driver course. The on-the-water session will conclude the Trained Driver Course and will begin around 11:00am.  Regardless of how you take the course, this section is mandatory to achieve your Trained Driver credential.  Please check the MVR requirement on and apply for your MVR report as necessary BEFORE you attend the course.
For those attending the AWSA Driver course for maintenance purposes, make sure your MVR is current to receive proper credit.
Please forward this email to anyone who you think may be interested in either clinic or contact me with any questions.  RSVP to Scott Thompson or Dennis Phillips so we can get an accurate head count.  Make sure to indicate which clinic you plan to attend (AWSA Driver or Trained Driver).


Jump Course Grid Marking Buoy Revision per IWWF (Class L & R)

IWWF has adopted the following rule change related to the jump grid marking buoys within the landing zone: Any video distance measurement buoys or spectator reference buoys must be a minimum of 8 meters from the ramp centerline for safety purposes so that they will not interfere with the skier while landing.

New Jump Rules for IWWF Events (Class L & R)

IWWF has adopted the following rule change related to the jump ramp: Jump Ramp Deviation – the maximum deviation within the surface of the jump ramp from a flat surface can be a maximum of 2 cm. Prior tolerance was 2.5 cm. Additionally any deviation if more than 1 cm must be in the center of the out of water surface.

Regionals Trick Videos

Phil Yastrow has posted the trick videos from Regionals to YouTube.  This is a great way to practice your trick calling or just to reminisce over your run.

See them here:

DOS Wstims Retirement

DOS WSTIMS is being officially retired this week. Please join me in thanking Dave Clark for his many, many years of development and support of DOS Wstims.

Laura Johnson

Note from Dave Clark:

The latest release, 3.58 as of June 2011, included control tables only up through the 2012 ski year, which ends with this year’s Nationals at the end of this week.  After closely watching the acceptance and usage and accuracy of the new WSTIMS for Windows program over the past two full seasons, it is clear that the vast majority of local AWSA Tournament scorers have embraced and are using the new program, with success.

The only areas where it had seen little use was in the collegiate and Pro/International areas.  On the former, Yvonne Downs has done extensive testing, and is working closely with Dave Allen to rectify the few remaining issues for Collegiate, and the program is expected to be fully functional for Collegiate within the next two weeks.  On the latter, I used WSTIMS for Windows at the Malibu Open last weekend, and the few awkward areas there have also been identified, short-term workarounds for those have been developed, and long-term solutions planned.

So those remaining areas will be covered by WSTIMS for Windows for the 2013 ski year.  Hence there is really no need to maintain the DOS WSTIMS program any longer.

DOS WSTIMS was first used officially during the 1987 season, so this past year 2012 would make it a Silver Anniversary — a fitting time for retirement.  Congratulations to Dave Allen and Jeff Clark and to the large number of volunteers who have contributed to the development of the new Windows successor.

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