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Sacramento Area Clubs Hosting Officials Clinics

The Sacramento Area Waterski Clubs (SACTO) will be hosting clinics for Judeges, Scorers, Technical Controllers, Safety adn Rated Drivers this spirng. Please see the USA Waterski Web site for additional information.

Canyon Lake May Open

The Canyon Lake May Open to be held May 16 & 17 was lost in the printing of the Guide. our appologies for this error. For all interested in 6 rounds of pick and choose skiing, 3 slalom, 2 trick and 3 jump, please check the online event portion of the USA Waterski website, or contact Jay Fitzpatrick. Jay can be reached at the

The Western Region Merit Award

Please take a moment to put a nomination in for the Western Region Merit Award. This award page is in the Regional Guide, page 99, and it also lists the past recipients.

Every year since 1975 the Western Region has recognized a member or official who epitomized friendship, dedication and integrity. The first award was presented at the US National tournament and is now one of the Western Region’s most prestigious honors. This award was established and is maintained for a deserving person who might otherwise go unnoticed. All Western Region members are welcome & encouraged to submit nominations for this award to their local councilperson or Richelle Matli prior to the Regional tournament.

Legendary Western Region Skier Jack Hanna

Legendary long time skier, official and coach Jack Hanna has been battling cancer fro 2 years and recently made the difficult decision to transition to hospice care. He is still open to taking phone calls and hopes to spend some time at home after his recent hospitalization. he welcomes the opportunity to hear from members of the water ski community. Please reach out to Jack and let him know your thoughts and feelings.

His former students, friends and the West Region would like to thank him for his years of service and support.

2015 AWSA Rulebook and Summary of Changes

The 2015 American Water Ski Association Rulebook and Summary of Rule Changes was published on February 17, 2015 and is available for download. To download the Rulebook, click here (PDF). To download the Summary of Rule Changes, click here (PDF).

Hard copy rulebooks are available through USA Water Ski headquarters at a charge, but they are 8×11 photocopies, high quality, stapled or hole punched as per request. The cost is $13 per rulebook with shipping; $10 for 10 trick judging pads of 100 ($.50 for each additional pad). Headquarters does not cover the cost of expedited shipping. Expedited shipping charges must be paid in advance of shipping.

Questions of interpretation and suggestions for improvement or changes in the rules should be forwarded to the AWSA Rules Committee (PDF).

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